Sixth Extinction

A dark, narrative-driven experience about extinction and discovering the true nature of yourself. Can you outwit the obstacles in your way, uncover the truth and begin a change?

One of the most original games

Sixth Extinction is not your average puzzle game. With a dark and hard-hitting story lurking beneath the gameplay, it's up to you to uncover the truth and play your way to an important revelation about both yourself and the world you live in.

Discover your true nature

Learn what your choices say about you, and open your mind to a positive change.

Think outside the box

Use your intellect to conquer the obstacles in your way, and discover the game's deep message.

Short but thought-provoking

Immerse yourself in an hour-long, atmospheric experience.

Made with love

From the hand-drawn visuals to the poetic narration, every moment has been crafted to enhance your enjoyment.

A dark message

The story of this game contains heavy themes of extinction, revenge and violence. An adult audience is recommended.

Now available

iOS, Android and PC versions are now available. The game is commercial. There are no ads.

The manifest

These are the principles Polte Games believes in

Respect players' time

Time is the most precious asset we all have. Treat it as such.

Spread a message that is worth spreading

Games are a medium of communication. We release games, when we have something worth saying.

Treat players as adults

Our games are made for an adult audience. We respect the players as thinking human beings, who can manage on their own.