Sixth Extinction

Our first game is a dark and atmospheric puzzle game. It is a story driven game about revenge, extinction and violence.

Meaningful story

The purpose of this game is to deliver a meaningful message. The game itself was build on top of this message.

Intense experience

The experience is designed to be impactful and efficient. There are no artificial delays or intention maximize play time.

Beautifully poetic

Hand drawn graphics and texts. Soundscape and narrative are carefully designed for each situation.

Release in 2020

iOS version is planned to be released in early 2020. Android version is released later on. The game will be commercial. There will be no ads.

The manifest

These are the principles our company believes in.

Respect players' time

Time is the most precious asset we all have. Treat it as such.

Spread a message that is worth spreading

Games are medium of communication. We release games when we have something worth saying.

Treat players as adults

Our games are made for adult audience. We respect the players as thinking human beings, who can figure out on their own.