Privacy policy

Domains, and complies with the following privacy policy. We respect your privacy, thus only a bare minimum of usual analytics and marketing tools are being used. Also, we do want to avoid using those annoying marketing consent popups.

We use Google Analytics with limitations. For your privacy, we have made extra measures to limit the data we gather (and also to comply with GDPR): we do not use Google Analytics advertisement features, your IP-address is being anonymized and Google Analytics cookie expiration time is set to 30 minutes (instead of the default of 2 years), thus we can't track your actions in a long run, only in the current session. In summary, Google Analytics' anonymous data is used to see how many visitors we receive and what you do on our sites. The purpose is understand what we can do to get more purchases for our games by the means of marketing. web site improvements and developing our games.

We also use Google Tag Manager. GTM is used to easily manage scripts and add additional tracking to our sites. Additional tracking means mostly sending information to Google Analytics on button presses (or other events). For instance we want to know how many people click our email subscription submit-button on our page. We also track link clicks, contact link clicks and file downloads. The purpose of link clicks is to understand how our site is used and what material and functions interests users. Also, we use it to debug problems on our site, if something is malfunctioning. This is scripted in Google Tag Manager. Please do remember this data is anonymous and we do not see in Google Analytics who actually pressed the button.

MailerLite is used for the mailing list provider. MailerLite does not share, copy or sell any mailing list data to anyone. We use the mailing solely to inform about news regarding Polte games. Mailerlite does do analytics, tracking and saves information about you. We highly recommend you to read MailerLite's privacy policy here.

If you want to disable all tracking altogether, then change your browser's cookie settings or install a browser plugin to do that. (Technically this does not prevent all tracking: one can still analyse server-side logs. We do not do that.) Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are both Google's products. You can read more about Google's compliance with data protection laws here.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, then please send us an email.

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